We are changing our FTP address

For all our valued customers,
As of September 1st, 2002 our FTP server Address changes. The new address is provided below. You will be able to use your User name and Password as you have done in the past. For more information please do not hesitate to call, or Email us

Forget attaching your compressed files to email! FTP it to us!!

What do you need? Answer: any FTP client software.

On the Mac, a popular one is Fetch 3.03. You can download it here.

Another Mac client is Vicomsoft FTP Client - 3.1.5. It can be downloaded at VersionTracker.com

On the PC, a good one is WS_FTP95.exe. You can download it too. Call us before you install it.

How to configure an FTP client:

Under preferences, choose the upload preferences and choose "BinHex" for the non-text file default format.

In the field for the Host, type:

In the User ID field, type the user name : output

In the Password field, type the password : output

Leave the Directory path blank.

Then once connected, you will see a folder called output. Doubleclick on folder and "Put File" the file you want to send us.

Remember to save your settings as a profile or bookmark so you can automatically log in next time.

We recommend that you compress all your files into one to keep them together, and call us to alert us that a stuffit or zip file has been uploaded. Then fax the order form (212-353-1954) or email your printing instructions. The order form is better since it prompts you to answer questions that we must know to print your file correctly. Also we strongly advise our clients to send us a PDF file along with the rest of the files as a soft proof.

Call us if you have any difficulties. 212-533-9180.